Precision Rubber Moulders

Noel Boon (Managing Director) 

Tel: (012) 541 6024 
Fax: (012) 541 6025 
Cell: (082) 903 9763 


Precision Rubber Moulders

Precision Rubber Moulders is a Level 4 BB-BEE contributor and is certified by Occupational Health and Safety board. Accreditation of Quality Management System (ISO 9001) will be finalised by March 2014.



Employees form the core of Precision Rubber Moulders. The team consists of dedicated employees whom are committed to customer service and customer satisfaction. Collectively the team has decades of experience regarding Rubber Moulding processes. Employee turnover is extremely low.

Management (Day To Day)


  • Mr N Boon – ManagingDirector
    • Customers / Suppliers/ Quotations / Process Engineering/Technical Etc
  • Mr W Bass -Production Manager
    • Production Planning/ Output/ Scrap/Waste
  • Mrs T Boon - Office Administrator
    • Invoicing/ Inventory/Accouting



Facility covers3500 m²of floorspace.Buildingisconstructed from IBR roofing and walls, Industrial type steel re-in forced concrete flooring. Three main entrances via large steel sliding doors make receiving and dispatching goods easy.
Electrical Supply: 11kV bulk supply from Tshwane Metro.
Compressed air: 110l/minavailable.
Water supply:municipal feed via 100mm pipeline
Cooling water: External Cooling tower and 7kl water reservoir pumped to specific areas of requirement.
Dust extraction: External system dedicated to footwear buffing section



Entrance toand exit fromthe premises is controlled. Electric fencing forms the outside perimeter and CCTV cameras are spread all over the terrain, both outdoors and indoors. Guards are patrolling the premises 24/7.